• Alex

Psalm 64

In Psalm 64, David prays for protection against the secret schemes of evildoers, and then he comforts himself with the thought of God's justice.

O Lord, in verse 3 David describes his enemies as using their tongues like swords and their words like arrows. What a vivid image! Like a sword slashing about, their tongues lash out, bringing pain and destruction. They let their words fly from their mouths like arrows from a bow. Like an arrow, their words come out fast and are impossible to take back.

Like David, we pray that you would protect us from unjust verbal attacks: from gossip and slander that seek to ruin our reputations, from threats that seek to undermine our peace, from lies and temptations that seek to lead us astray, and from insults that seek to wound our souls.

In light of the destruction our mouths can cause, O Lord, we pray: let us be slow to speak, slow to anger, quick to listen, and quick to forgive. We don't want to brandish our tongues like swords and let our words fly like arrows. We want peace and love to flourish in our lives and in our world. Use us as instruments of your peace. Amen.


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