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Psalm 97

In Psalm 97, the Lord's almighty power brings worldwide rejoicing. The Lord's power is described in fearsome imagery. He is surrounded by darkness and fire and lightning. His enemies are consumed by the fire that goes out from him, the world sees and trembles, and the mighty mountains melt like wax before him. However, his immense power is never used to bring tyranny or oppression, only justice, deliverance, and peace. Therefore, the peoples of the earth rejoice in his almighty power. And because the reign of the Lord will never end, and his power will never falter, the joy of the upright will go on and on forever.

Lord, you are awesome in power! We have myths and legends and stories of gods and demigods and superheroes who are depicted as beings of immense power. We are awed by the power wielded by these characters, and delight in the stories of the their power being used for good.

However, you, O Lord, are not just a character in a story. You are alive, and have been from before the dawn of creation, and will be beyond the end of time. You alone are the eternal one, O Lord, who has always existed and always will.

The stories of your power are not just delighting tales, but are history and promise. We don't just delight in stories, we delight in the creation you made for us to enjoy. We don't just delight in tales, we delight in the people you have delivered from death (and their descendants), and we delight in the people you have redeemed and transformed by your love. Of course, we delight also in the life you have given us, and the ways you have tangibly bestowed your love upon us, including the gifts of forgiveness, and joy, and peace, and many more. We also delight in your promises to restore us completely, and to reunite us with fellow believers who have gone before us, and to restore this earth to be our perfect home once more.

We are grateful for your power, O Lord, because it means our salvation; and it means our eternal joy. Let our gratitude well up this day, that we might sing of your awesome power and worship you. We pray also, for those still in rebellion against you. Soften their heart by your amazing grace that they might join us in praising your power, knowing you as the God of rescue and deliverance. We pray in Jesus' name, amen.


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